About Toronto Film Files

Rep theatres, red carpets, and film festivals – oh my!

The beauty of living in Toronto is that you are never far from great film.  Propelled by intriguing stories and a seemingly endless film reel, Toronto Film Files is an exploration and reflection of a lifelong cinephile and Film grad’s experience volunteering, freelancing, and participating in Toronto’s ever evolving film scene.

Toronto Film Files is a positive space for all film-lovers to read and discuss their experiences in Toronto’s film scene.  If you know of an awesome film, culture, or arts-related event happening in the city that you would like to see here on Toronto Film Files, I would love to hear about it!

Whether you are a seasoned film scene vet, a film buff looking to get involved, or a Torontonian who wants to stay updated, Toronto Film Files is here for you.  Toronto is a vibrant, energetic, and film-loving city.  There is never a shortage of art to see, discussions to have, and stories to create. Let’s explore the Toronto film scene together!

About the Blogger

The name’s Jolie.  The pleasure’s all mine.

After spending my childhood coiled in my home theatre lair meticulously watching films and their ‘Special Features’ (DVDs and Blu Rays represent); purposely sitting a considerable distance away from my friends while watching movies because they would ‘distract me from experiencing the film’; and forcing my parents to watch provocative foreign films, I realized that cinema was pretty special to me.

It wasn’t until I finished my first year of Journalism at Carleton University did I think of cinema as something that I could actively participate in.  I switched to a double Major (with, you guessed it, Film Studies being one of them) and dove head first into the Toronto arts non-profit scene. Over the past four years I have had the privilege of contributing to such illustrious arts organizations as: TIFF, TIFF Kids, Hot Docs, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Indie Week, Inside Out LGBT film festival, Luminato, Field Trip, CultureLink, Toronto Fringe Festival, Lab Cab: Parkdale, the TFCA gala awards, Live Nation Entertainment, and countless parties and red carpets.

Today, I can be found running around downtown Toronto en route to my next gig, captivated by great films at cinemas across the city, or meeting up with like-minded folks to discuss everything from highbrow art films to celebrity premier pratfalls.

Latest Update: My friends are happy to report I will now sit beside them while watching films and my parents have both thanked me for introducing them to great film and music.  My work here is almost done.


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