Sunday Funday: Broad City Trivia at the Gladstone Hotel

On Sunday, February 21, 2016, my fellow Queen and I went to a trivia event at the Gladstone Hotel.

But this was no ordinary trivia.  This was BROAD CITY Trivia.  YAS QUEEN!

I am a big a fan of The Gladstone Hotel’s event programming.  The Gladstone Hotel frequently offers events, workshops, activities, and parties at affordable prices.  In my experience, they have always offered an inclusive environment as well.  Between their Get School’d workshop series, tonight’s aptly-titled Shameless Karaoke, and their free Lego + Lagers nights (exactly how it sounds), there is no shortage of fun and affordable things to do at The Gladstone Hotel.

When my good friend/fellow Queen, Emily, informed me that there was going to be a Broad City Trivia night at the Gladstone Hotel, I was ecstatic but not altogether surprised.  If anyone has their finger on the quirky twenty-something pulse, it’s The Gladstone Hotel.

NOTE: If you are not yet familiar with Abbi and Ilana, the sheroes of Broad City, please go to the ‘About’ section on the Broad City website NOW.

Emily and I got to the Gladstone Hotel just before the event…and the bar was already PACKED. There were no tables left, but the hostess rustled up an extra chair and we planted ourselves at the bar.  We were far from the last to arrive.  Even though it was the Gladstone Hotel’s first Broad City-themed event, dozens of people poured into the already-crammed bar hoping to take part.  Admission was a $2 donation so it was very affordable for those looking to have Sunday Funday on the cheap.

Tables of people look onto a stage with a projector and a man in a black t-shirt and black baseball hat speaking to the crowd.
Our host laying down the trivia law and prepping us for a night of Broad City shenanigans.

Now, I am no stranger to trivia nights.  My friend used to host the trivia nights at Mugshot’s, the Ottawa hostel’s bar (FUN FACT: the hostel used to be a jail).  One time my friend and I even came in first place and won tickets to an Ottawa Senators game (#sorrynotsorry Torontonians).  In Toronto, I have participated in a few trivia nights at the Magpie on Dundas West.  I love trivia and it should come as no surprise that Scene It? is  my favourite game.

However, at all of those trivia nights, the questions were read aloud by the host and some times audio was played as part of a question.  The Broad City trivia, however, was unique in that during each question a hilarious clip or gif from the show was displayed on screens throughout the bar.  My favourite part of the night was when our host led the entire bar in a chant of “Yaaas Queen!  Yaaaasssss Queeeeen! Yas Queen!”

NOTE:   Until you’ve chanted “Yas Queen” with a room full of people, you haven’t lived.

Every few questions we would have a bar-wide question period.  Each time we did a bar-wide question, someone would win a prize.  Our host quipped that all of the prizes were from Dollarama – and he even splurged on the $1.50 items!  Needless to say, our host had us in stitches the whole night.

A large crowd of people talking in the Gladstone Hotel bar.
The crowd ponders their answers to our host’s toughest Broad City questions.

After the first round of questions, Emily and I felt pretty confident.  Our score was nothing to sniff at.  There was a short intermission and a local comedienne took the stage to entertain the crowd.  NOTE: Our host said that there would be a local lady comedian doing a quick stint at each Broad City Trivia night.  Yas Queen!

Soon the second round got started…and all of our hopes of winning were dashed.  This was certainly proven when the final scores were tallied up.  Not to sound cliché, but the trivia, the host, and the crowd (you have never heard team names until you’ve partied with a Broad City crowd) had us laughing so hard that winning wasn’t even on the radar at that point.


No, we didn’t win the final prize (I don’t even remember what it was).  We DID nosh on fries, enjoy some craft beer (is my Toronto showing?), dig through our collective Broad City memory, and laugh along with fellow fans at Abbi and Ilana’s most hilarious moments.

Think you can school anyone on Abbi and Ilana’s infamous exploits?  The Gladstone Hotel is running a few more Broad City trivia nights.  Round 3 is tomorrow, Sunday, March 20 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Round 4 is April 3, from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Our host assured us that the questions would be different at each trivia (so you can stop typing that email asking me for the answers).  If these sessions are anything like the one we went to (albeit that was the first installment) I’d recommend getting there early.

In case you were wondering, Emily and I had the best team name.  Hint: It’s natural and responsible.

Are you a Broad City fan?  What TV show should the Gladstone Hotel do a trivia series on next?

BONUS ROUND: Are you more of an Abbi or Ilana?

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